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Workers’ Comp & Personal Injury Case Results


Workers’ Compensation – $650,000 Settlement

42 year old male injured on the job while riding in the bed of his work pickup truck. He initially sustained injuries which resulted in injuries to his left upper extremity. This injury later developed into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome(CRPS).


The employer/Carrier denied the progression of CRPS to his lower extremity. A successful result was obtained and the claimant was declared permanently and totally disabled until the case was ultimately settled for $650,000 and over $2,500,000 in benefits (OJCC#09-015737)


Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury – $779,000 Settlement

45 year old male injured on the job working at the port when a co-worker disconnected the hose he was using causing the Claimant to fall off the truck and sustain multiple, significant injuries. Both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims were filed.


The workers’ compensation claim resulted in permanent total disability benefits being paid for many years before a settlement of $779,000 was obtained. The personal injury claim was denied by the Circuit Court finding the defendant had workers’ compensation immunity.


The 3d District Court of Appeal overturned this ruling and upon remand the personal injury case was settled for $2,700,000($2.7 million). (OJCC 09-008343)


Workers’ Compensation

55 year old male was injured on construction site after pulling cable ropes and falling back after losing his grip. He fractured his pelvis and injured his low back. Two prior attorneys filed the claim, but withdrew upon learning that Employer’s insurance policy had been cancelled. We filed the claim and our investigation revealed what we felt was an improper insurance cancellation. The case proceeded to trial and the Judge of Compensation claims agreed that the cancellation was improper and found coverage.


The Claimant was paid all his past due lost wages, medical care was authorized. He is now receiving permanent total disability benefits. (OJCC#14-020471)


Workers’ Compensation – $600,000 Settlement

A 60 year old Hialeah woman received over $1,500,000 in benefits including a $600,000 settlement resulting from injuries she suffered when to her arm in a factory accident.


Slip and Fall at work – $800,000+ Settlement

40 year old Fort Myers man received over 1 million dollars in benefits and accepted a settlement over over $800,000 that resulted from a work place slip and fall in which he injured his knee and lower back.


18 Wheeler Truck Accident while on the job – $800,000 settlement

A 38 year old coral springs man received over$2,000,000 in benefits including an $800,000 settlement that resulted from injuries he suffered when the 18 wheeler he was driving jack knifed and rolled over.

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